XLAB Aero TT System

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The XLAB Aero TT Water Bottle System is the perfect solution for your time trial bike where you want to avoid the extra weight of a rear hydration system, or your long-distance tri bike when you’ll need multiple bottles over the course of an event and don’t want to rely on what the organizers provide.

The Aero TT Water Bottle System has been shaped to fit onto an aero frame without causing an increase in surface exposure. In fact, XLAB has measured a 50% drag savings in wind tunnel tests compared to round bottles. What you’ll appreciate is that they have designed the aero bottle to be still easy to handle; there’s no point in having an aero bottle if you can’t even grip it well enough to pull it out of the cage. The cage itself is a special XLAB Hi-Grip Deep Pocket cage made from carbon. So you can count on it being lightweight, durable, and able to keep a tight grip on your bottle. The bottle is a taste-free, BPA-free polyethylene, so even in the hottest weather you won’t feel like you are drinking plastic.

Use the XLAB Aero TT Water Bottle System as your only bottle for short events, or as a member of your entire XLAB hydration system for long rides and races. Weighing just 90 grams, it will be an easy way to stay aero while keeping up with your hydration.

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