Blueseventy Women's Reaction Wetsuit

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Our all time best selling suit gets the upgrades needed to keep it at the top of it's category. 

Following the design of our elite level Helix wetsuit, the paneling in the upper body of the 2024 Reaction has been redesigned to encourage more natural rotation and increase distance per stroke. These features, combined with the refined fit on the arms, create a suit that delivers everything you need for training and racing. 


When it comes to a swimming wetsuit, two factors really matter: Flexibility and Buoyancy. Thinner neoprene is more flexible, while thicker neoprene will provide more buoyancy.

Blueseventy wetsuits are strategically designed to offer the most flexibility where you need it, such as the arms, shoulders and upper back area. We use thin, 1.5mm - 2mm neoprene in these areas to offer complete freedom of movement throughout your entire stroke.

Thicker neoprene is placed in areas that typically tend to sink for swimmers, and where flexibility is not key. You'll find 4mm - 5mm neoprene in the chest, hips, and upper legs to enhance your swim form to be as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Hover over each neoprene thickness on the graphic to see how this wetsuit is constructed.

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