XLab Delta 430 XT

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  • Highly adjustable to fine-tune cage angle and cage height for a perfect custom position.
  • Stiffest mount on the market with proprietary stainless steel arms.
  • DELTA 430 comes equipped with our world championship winning GORILLA Cage with 10 lb of grip and 4 color options!
  • Need even more grip? The DELTA 430 XT comes with our GORILLA XT Cage boasting 14 lb of tenacious grip and 2 color options!
  • Compatible with ISM PN 3.0, PN 3.1 and PN 4.0 models only


The DELTA 430 and DELTA 430 XT now works with PN 3.0, PN 3.1 and PN 4.0 saddles.

Features and Benefits

  • AERODYNAMIC LOCATION. Mounts to saddle, hiding in body’s draft.
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE. Can adjust cage angle and cage height for a perfect custom position.
  • STABLE DESIGN. Stiffest mount on market with stainless steel arms.
  • FLARED CAGE DESIGN. Makes inserting bottle easy.
  • HIGHEST GRIPPING CAGE. Your choice of 10 or 14 lb of grip (approx) on bottle to prevent bottle launches.
  • ANTI-VIBRATION. Locking hardware for safety and security.

Looking for additional rear storage? XLAB offers two options that are designed to complement our DELTA 430 and 430 XT carriers. The AERO POUCH 300 storage bag and the MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER.. When using these accessories please follow the recommendations below.

  • Due to the extra weight demands that these systems place on the DELTA 430 and 430 XT, we only recommend installing one of these storage options at a time.
  • Additionally, installing the AERO POUCH 300 onto the DELTA 430 XT will add an additional 2-3 lb of bottle retention, making it extremely difficult to remove the bottle. We don't recommend using the AERO POUCH 300 with the GORILLA XT Cage.

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