Elite SRL Jet Water Bottle 550ml - Black/Gray

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Searching for a no-fuss way to hydrate during long cycling adventures? Turn to the Elite Jet Racing Water Bottle, designed to provide you with the essential ingredient to make any trail a conquerable foe.

A combination of all the best in quality and performance that create a never-before-seen lightness, increased liquid flow, and a tasteless nozzle. Constructed from a new biodegradable model crafted from food-grade squeezable polyethylene. This integration of sustainable plastic material lessens the environmental impact of the bottle.

Reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy plenty of cool, refreshing water from the Elite Jet Racing Water Bottle. Guaranteed to provide maximum hydration — pushing you through even the toughest rides, all day long.


  • Incredible 550ml water capacity
  • Created from biodegradable plastic material for a reduces carbon footprint
  • BPA-free polypropylene
  • 74mm diameter for ultimate hydration
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