Finish Line Ceramic Technology Showroom Polish 12oz Spray

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Showroom™ Polish & Protectant delivers a high-gloss finish for an unrivaled shine. It restores and enhances paint finishes while leaving behind a thin protective layer that helps prevent rust and minimize UV damage. It is formulated with advanced Non-Stick Ceramic Technology to reduce dirt and grime build-up, making cleaning easier and less frequent.

Showroom™ is 100% safe for use on all surfaces including steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, chrome, clear coat, plastic, rubber and more.

Simply spray on and let sit for 10 seconds. Then wipe off with a clean cloth to leave Showroom quality shine. Due to Showroom’s proprietary formulation, there is no need to pre-wash the bike. 

Showroom™ Polish & Protectant will:

  • Clean frames and components without a prewash
  • Protect the bicycle from water and perspiration
  • Help prevent dirt and grime buildup
  • Keep your bicycle looking showroom new

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