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Engineered for elite performance, the Men’s Torque Pro™ Swimskin utilizes the industry’s most advanced features to boost buoyancy, optimize speed and magnify acceleration.

Constructed with a slick, hydrophilic outer layer, the STPRM6A significantly reduces drag as you move. Boasting an ultra low drag coefficient of .021-the lowest in its class- the Torque Pro™ minimizes friction to increase speed and performance. Once wet, the hydrophilic construction can be immediately felt as the swimskin fabrication becomes slick to the touch.

In addition to allowing athletes to glide through the water with ease, the USAT legal, Men’s Torque Pro™ also includes a hydrophobic inner layer with an impressively low .5% water absorption rate. As this technology works to repel water from entering your suit, the result is an ultra light, comfortable swim, designed to keep you dry.

Finally, the Yamamoto textile used in all Torque Pro swimskins offers a range of superior features that provide both flexibility and freedom of movement. Through an innovative process known as Super composite skin (SCS) nano coating, the Yamamoto fabric significantly reduces drag, while providing incredible durability. This coating ultimately helps to prevent abrasions and increases the product life and performance of all Torque Pro swimskins.

Every STPRM6A suit is equipped with a coil zipper with lanyard for quick transitioning, as well as a state-of-the-art free finish leg gripper for slip prevention without the restriction.

TYR Fabrication: 80% Polyester / 20% Spandex

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