Men's Castelli PR 2 Speed Suit

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This garment is the evolution of the PR Speed ​​Suit. The bottom part is based on the Premio shorts to guarantee excellent comfort and maximum aerodynamics, even in crosswinds. Garment developed through computational fluid dynamics simulations and wind tunnel tests to achieve the fastest triathlon suit, optimized for high speeds.

  • This garment guarantees high aerodynamics while you are pedaling and excellent comfort and thermoregulation while you are running Garment designed to be the fastest option for medium and long distance triathlons The bottom part is built like the Premio Short for comfort and aerodynamics
  • The 50 denier fabric, applied on the upper part, is the lightest and smoothest fabric for maximum lightness and aerodynamics
  • Has the ability to cool during the race by evaporating moisture close to the skin
  • Silicone bands applied to the sleeves to induce turbulence and reduce air resistance on the most exposed parts of the body Sleeve length reaches to the elbow and leg length to the knee to ensure maximum aerodynamics
  • 2 large capacity pockets on the back Padana KISS Tri

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