Men's 2XU Pro SR1, SwimRun Wetsuit

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Swimrun is the exciting yet gruelling new endurance sport that is taking the world by storm. The inability for competitors to change their kits during the event drives the need for a suit that is flexible, buoyant, quick-drying, and thermoregulated, and the 2XU SR:PRO-Swimrun Pro Wetsuit truly delivers what is required. This suit will provide buoyancy and speed through the water, abrasion resistance during transitions, flexibility through the hips and legs, and ventilation via the long front zip for cooling on the run.

  • HYPER STRETCH DOUBLE-SIDED NYLON - For durability and speed through the water
  • HYPER FLEX 1.5mm SHOULDER AND UNDERARM PANELS - For unrivalled swim flexibility
  • ROLL BAR INSERTS - For increased balance and greater distance with each swim stroke
  • REAR PANEL DOUBLE-SIDED NYLON - For abrasion resistance over rough terrain
  • FLEX HIP AND PELVIS PANELS - For flexibility on the run
  • LARGE REAR POCKET - To hold all of the race essentials
  • LONG FRONT ZIP - Easily accessible for increased ventilation

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