Men's 2XU Pro SwimRun Wetsuit

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  1. SwimRun wetsuit
  2. SCS hydrodynamic coating
  3. Full body premium Japanese Yamamoto bouyant and flexible neoprene
  4. Front full body zipper
  5. Hyperflex 1.5mm shoulder and underarm panels
  6. Rollbar technology
  7. Flexible hip and pelvis panels
  8. 8mm upper leg bouyancy inserts
  9. Abrasion resistant rear double-sided nylon panel
  10. Internal front and zip rear pockets
  11. Whistle for safety
  12. 520% internal stretch lining


  • Chest - 4mm
  • Back - 2mm
  • Arms - 1.5mm
  • Upper legs - 8mm (2mm back)

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