Rock-N-Roll Absolute Dry Bike Chain Lube - 4oz

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The Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Lube is the perfect chain lube for the driest riding conditions when avoiding the accumulation of grit and dust on a bike chain is critical for a smooth, efficient ride. Optimized for road bike use—but effective on other bikes, too—the Absolute Dry Lube is engineered to clean and lubricate in one step. Just apply a generous amount of Absolute Dry to the chain, freewheel the chain backward, and wipe off the excess. This application process leaves lube inside of the chain where it belongs, while drawing up grit and grime to be wiped off for a cleaner, quieter ride.


  • Designed for dry riding conditions without accumulating dust and grit
  • Cleans and lubricates in one step for a cleaner ride
  • Let the chain sit for several hours before riding for the best results, if possible

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