Rudy Project Astral Black Matte, Smoke Black Lense

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Rudy Project's new Astral sunglasses can be summed up with three adjectives: affordable, comfortable and sustainable This is why we are proud to present the new Astral sunglasses, designed to offer the best of Rudy Project's sustainable technology by positioning it at an entry level price.

Astral sunglasses feature an adjustable Ergonose nose pad, which allows for maximum comfort and a custom fit. This unique design ensures that you can customize your eyewear pores to your face shape and preferences, providing unparalleled all-day comfort. Our commitment to more affordable positioning is also matched by our dedication to sustainability. Astral's frames are made of Rilsan® Clear, a bio-plastic derived from 45 percent castor oil grown by certified farmers in Gujarat, India. To provide extra comfort and grip, Astral sunglasses have rubber-coated temples. These soft, durable ends ensure a secure fit, so you can focus on your performance without worrying about the sunglasses slipping or causing discomfort. Astral cylindrical-based 6 lenses not only offer excellent eye protection, but also sport trendy shapes and colors. With these trendy, sporty glasses, you will enjoy the perfect mix of convenience, comfort and sustainability.

Rilsan® Clear Sustainable Frame Material
- Adjustable Anti Slip Nosepads
- Comfort Fit
- Antislip Temple Arms
- Prescription Ready (optical adapter)

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