TriRig Mini Closed Back Scoops

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Scoops dramatically increase the reach, arm wrap, and surface area of the cup than any other similar arm cup on the market. At the same time, they also increase adjustment range with additional mounting points, slotted bolt holes, and keep the superior textured neoprene pad material. These are perhaps the most universal cups ever made, allowing virtually any ride to get a major ergonomic upgrade. Of course, we think they work particularly well with Alpha One.


The Mini Closed-Back Scoops share an identical ergonomic design with their Closed-Back big brother, but... they are Mini! At about half the length of the standard Closed-Back they offer much of the same support, but at a fraction of the weight. If you are look to save grams, the Minis are for you. The rounded and cupped "closed-back" allows the rider to completely relax the upper body and lock in to the position. In testing, we could hardly believe how much they changed the muscle recruitment of the rider, allowing complete concentration and effort on the power going into the pedals rather than on maintaining the aero position.


Scoops work with almost any bar on the market, and come with everything you need to fit them. A variety of M5 and M6 bolts are included for install. Just unbox, bolt on, and go!

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