Tririg GAMMA 115 ALLOY Extensions

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riRig has always been interested in front-end geometry and comfort, since we first came on the scene in 2010. Some readers have even called us the 'Front End Specialists.' The Gamma line includes the most thoughtful and useful aerobar extensions we have ever designed. The Gamma line includes: Gamma 115, Gamma One, and Gamma 24. These extensions each have specific applications in mind.

Gamma 115 is the newest shape in our lineup, and offers the perfect high-hands solution for those who want to achieve maximum rise while maintaining Gamma's industry-leading ergonomics. The extensions provide a massive 115mm of rise, while maintaining a perfect hand grip position, horizon angle of 30 degrees, and maximum reach adjustment. Total overall length 400mm. Alloy weighing in at 120 grams each totaling at 240 grams for the set.

Available in carbon fiber or a more economical but highly-robust T6 aluminum alloy, there's a perfect Gamma extension for everyone. And at a standard 22.2mm outer diameter, they work in virtually any modern aerobar system.

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