TriRig Polymount

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Introducing the TriRig Polymount, a 3-in-1 paradigm of versatility in cycling accessories.

Renowned by our athletes as the most versatile computer mount on the market, this exceptional mount offers options tailored for both between-the-arms (BTA) and on-extension setups, ensuring unparalleled adaptability to meet the unique preferences of every cyclist.

The ingeniously designed articulating arm empowers users to position their computer precisely where they desire, providing an unprecedented level of customization. 

Crafted from the highest quality T6-6061 alloy and featuring a resilient hard-anodized finish, the Polymount stands as a testament to durability, promising a lifetime of reliable use.

This cutting-edge mount is not only compatible with Garmin and Wahoo computers but also extends its functionality to accommodate any GoPro-style camera. Elevate your cycling experience with the TriRig Polymount, where innovation meets unparalleled flexibility.

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