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The Vitalis Thermal is a thermally comforted wetsuit for open water swimmers. It combines specific technologies for heat retention such as Thermal X technology and sealing technologies such as a second layer of “batwing” neoprene, which prevents water from entering the zipper and neck area. The high-thickness panels give the swimmer excellent buoyancy which helps them conserve energy during cold weather sessions.

Thermal Comfort :

The excellent thermal properties of this wetsuit were achieved with its construction of up to 5 mm-thick panels together with the Thermal X inner lining. In addition, its "Batwing" hood prevents the entry of cold water through the neck and zipper areas, for increased conservation of body heat.


39+ and 39FS technologies are incorporated in the shoulders and underarms to improve the elasticity of this wetsuit.

High and Neutral Buoyancy:

The high-thickness panels located in the torso provide a high level of buoyancy, providing more safety in open water. In addition, thanks to its construction, it has a neutral buoyancy level.


The Thermal X inner fabric is soft and comfortable, providing great comfort when swimming in cold waters.


Neoprene : 95 %, Polyamide (Nylon) : 5 %

Size Chest Height Weight
XS 31 - 33 4/9 - 5/3 101 - 116
S 33 - 35 5/3 - 5/6 118 - 134
M 35 - 37 5/5 - 5/10 132 - 147
L 37 - 39 5/8 - 6/1 145 - 163
XL 39 - 41 5/10 - 6/2 160 - 173
* One-piece Wetsuits Mantra & Zen (Women): This garment is made of compressive fabric. If you are between sizes, choose the larger size.

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