Women's Orca Openwater RS1 SW (Smartsuit)

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  • SMART- The Openwater SW wetsuit features, a universal identification system using NFC/Contactless technology that instantly provides the athlete’s information in the event of an accident or emergency.
  • RESTUBE READY- The wetsuit features a Restube Ready connector so you can attach the Restube buoy without a belt, which will keep it stable, preventing wear to your wetsuit. Note: This wetsuit does not include the Restube buoy.
  • SAFETY: VISIBILITY-The high visibility orange used in the design will make it easy to locate you at all times.
  • THERMAL INSULATION- The 3.5 mm thickness of the abdominal area will provide the thermal insulation you need, helping you maintain an ideal body temperature throughout your journey.
  • FLEXIBILITY-The combination of different thicknesses of neoprene panels allows for a more elastic material to be placed in the arm area to increase flexibility in swim strokes. You’ll be comfortable without the neoprene restricting your shoulders and arms.

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