Women's Orca RDPN Bikini Swimsuit, Red

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The two-piece swimsuit from Orca is the perfect solution for you if you prefer this style of swimwear, without compromising comfort and performance in the water.

Why not choose one of these as a complement to Orca’s sleek one-piece, for when you can chill out a little more but still want to show off your sporty credentials?

This bikini has a mainly red top, with black trim and contrasting black briefs.



Speedline PBT fabric: The high-performance Italian fabric from which the suit is made is light, breatheable and easy-drying It is resistant to chlorine and UV rays which means this bikini will last longer.
100% chlorine resistant: Designed for daily swimming, the technical Speedline PBT fabric is completely resistant to chlorine which again means it will last longer than other similar fabrics.
Shape and colour retaining: The fabric’s structure helps the garment stay looking good over time. Thanks to the fabric’s durability, breatheability and quick drying properties, you’ll get a bikini which will hold its shape and color.
Great comfort and fit: The inner lining covers you more effectively and prevents transparency so you always feel comfortable. The garment fits to your body shape, thanks to the drawstring-adjustable waist. The structure of its panels also guarantees you total freedom of movement, and fits like a second skin. This comfortable and hydrodynamic bikini will improve your performance in the water. 

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