Women's Orca Rs1 Swimskin, Red

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When the use of wetsuits is not allowed, the RS1 Swimskin provides you with extra buoyancy, support and maximum hydrodynamics. Its hydrophobic material will prevent water absorption, so that you can glide through the water quickly and easily, as if it's a second skin.

*This garment is made of compressive fabric. If you are between sizes, choose the larger size.

0% water absorption

The water repellent coating has a water absorption coefficient of 0% after 3 hours of use.

Maximum hydrodynamics

Hydrodynamic material, thermo-sealed seams and Aero-fit technology will ensure maximum hydrodynamics, reducing water resistance


The fabric's exclusive manufacturing method, combined with kinesiology tape on the sides, will offer core support to keep it stabilized for longer

Semi-Automatic Lock Zipper

The swimskin's semi-automatic lock zipper allows it to be opened without a cord

Flip the zipper upwards, pull apart at the shoulder area, and the swimskin will unzip for a faster transition

*When in doubt, size up due to the compressive nature of the garment

Size Chest Waist Hips
8 XS 30 - 32 21.5 - 24 32 - 34
10 S 32 - 34.5 24 - 26.5 34 - 37
12 M 34.5 - 37 26.5 - 29 37 - 39.5
14 L 37 - 39.5 29 - 31.5 39.5 - 41.5
16 XL 39.5 - 42 31.5 - 34 41.5 - 44

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