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The Zeal Hi-Vis Wetsuit is the evolution of Openwater RS1 SW.

The Zeal Hi-Vis combines visibility, buoyancy and elasticity. It’s the ideal wetsuit for open water swimmers who face the harshest conditions. The arms, legs and back feature high-visibility orange for safety. The buoyancy of Aerodome 2 technology will keep you feeling safe on your open water adventures. For increased thermal comfort and better sealing, a second layer of “batwing” neoprene is included, which prevents water from entering the suit’s zipper and neck area.

Confidence in Water:

The perfect combination of buoyancy, elasticity, visibility and thermal comfort in this wetsuit allows you to feel comfortable and safe swimming in open water. In addition, this suit features Restube Ready technology, which can be used with a Restube buoy.

Maximum Visibility:

The panels located in the extremities and back feature 39 HV (Hi-Vis) technology, a high-visibility fabric that will allow you to be seen in any weather conditions.

High Buoyancy:

The incorporation of technologies, such as Aerodome 2, gives this wetsuit a high level of buoyancy to boost your confidence in the water.

Thermal Comfort :

The 5 mm leg panels, together with the “Batwing” hood, provide superior thermal comfort .


Neoprene : 95 %, Polyamide (Nylon) : 5 %

Size Chest Height Weight
XS 31 - 33 4/9 - 5/3 101 - 116
S 33 - 35 5/3 - 5/6 118 - 134
M 35 - 37 5/5 - 5/10 132 - 147
L 37 - 39 5/8 - 6/1 145 - 163
XL 39 - 41 5/10 - 6/2 160 - 173
* One-piece Wetsuits Mantra & Zen (Women): This garment is made of compressive fabric. If you are between sizes, choose the larger size.

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