Zipp Transition 1 Gear Bag (includes shoulder strap)

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Travel, as an athlete, means taking lots of gear on the road. Especially when racing. That’s why Zipp created their Transition 1 Bag. The idea is a single big bag for all the gear  you need.

Triathletes have to bring enough to cover three different sports. In some respects, they’re lucky, as most tri’s take place in warmer months, minimizing the clothing for each.

Cyclists have a four-season sport to deal with. If they’re doing cyclocross, they not only have to bring race gear, but extra clothes for their warm-up, and maybe even more for getting themselves comfortable post-race.

Recognizing this, the Transition 1 has backpack straps but also a shoulder strap to convert it to a duffel bag. While there is a definite top (where an armored compartment protects delicate stuff) and bottom (for wet stuff, which is made of waterproof material, vented, big enough to fit a wetsuit, and opens completely), and side pockets for bottles, the duffel concept is one that is important to think of. When you put the “back” of the backpack onto the floor, you’ll  see that there’s a giant U-shaped flap that almost completely unzips, allowing you easy access to the entire interior of the bag.

And with the bag opened, there is revealed an adjustable divider system that allows you to create compartments just the right sizes for your needs. It even comes with a setup guide that suggests certain sizes for certain kinds of gear. When it’s closed, you can stow your helmet on top of it, and get stuff, into stretchy side compartments, like two water bottles each side.

The bag’s volume is 56 liters. The dimensions are 670mm tall by 300mm wide 280mm deep.

The Zipp Transition 1 Bag contains your gear for the before, during, and after.

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